Information for childcare providers

Whether you are a childminder, manage a day nursery or provide a service for children and families, you can promote / update your service online.  

Why is it important that I update my information?  

Providing accurate, up to date information will mean that parents and carers will have access to the latest information, for example opening times, costs and vacancies when searching for childcare in their area.  

I need to update my details, how do I do this? 

To update your information you will need to go to Dewis Cymru. Dewis Cymru is the well-being website for Wales. Dewis is owned and funded by all 22 local authorities in Wales. Dewis Cymru was developed in response to the Social Services and Well Being Wales Act, which places a duty on local authorities to make information about the range of local services available to the public. The idea is that people make better decisions about their well-being when presented with information about a range of local and national services. 

You will need to register (if you haven’t already) using your e-mail address. Once registered and then signed in, go to ‘Manage resources’, and then ‘Resources you are responsible for’ or ‘Resources you own’. Here your resource(s) will be available for you to review / edit as necessary. If your resource(s) are not already visible in the ‘Manage resources’, then please contact your local Family Information Service before doing anything else.  

What happens once I’ve updated my information? 

Once you have completed updating your information, please tick the box in the ‘Publish’ tab and then click ‘Save your changes’. Your information will be checked by your local Family Information Service who will approve your changes. 

Do I have to update my details on both websites? 

No, you only need to update your information once in Dewis Cymru. Once you’ve updated your information in Dewis, your information will be visible in  

How long will my information be available for? 

You can update your information at any time. Your information will be removed from public view unless it is updated at least once every 6 months in order to ensure that the information remains current. The system will send you email reminders to let you know when your information is to be reviewed.  

How long does it take for my information to show in the website? 

Once approved your information will be live immediately on the website. You will also receive an email from Dewis to confirm that your information is now visible to the public.  

What if I need further help? 

Guidance is available but if you are having any issues registering, signing in or updating your information then please contact the team at Dewis Cymru.